Ready for our HARI recruitment event


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Great to see moving forward. has a very exciting future!


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What a great day at the Roman baths with exemplary Harris Chafford and Riverside students.


Come and join our journey. We are looking for an addition to our pastoral team. See ‘vacancies’ on the website.


We are back to normal! Thanks for everyone's patience and support during the bad weather and with our network! Our students are now - as we tweet - going great guns in their exams!


We are closed today due to ice on our approach roads and paved areas


Due to a build up of ice on the approaches to the Academy building we have reluctantly decided to close on Friday 2nd March for our students’ safety - thanks to our amazing parents, students and staff for a really productive day today.#inspireyourcommunity


We are open today although our car park is shut - please use Harris Chafford Hundred car park.


Harris Academy Riverside intends to be open as usual tomorrow. We will tweet and publish on website in the unlikely event that anything changes


The Academy is closed today due to the snow - please check the website for tomorrow


Our building work has started! Looking forward to a great future in a great community.#inspireyourcommunity


There is still time to apply to join us and help inspire our great students on their journey - talent, fizz and energy.


Work has officially started on our brand new building - ready for September 2019.


Be a part of our exciting future. Join our team. Join our fantastic students. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for a Maths teacher to help shape our future. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for teachers for September 2018!


Currently Harris Academy Riverside is open tomorrow as usual. However due to the weather football training at 7.30 AM is cancelled .


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regeneration to begin


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PCRL are proud to announce Swan Housing Group as our new joint venture partners


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Fantastic news for Purfleet!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














The traditional curriculum

Traditional Curriculum

We want our key stage 3 curriculum to provide the knowledge and understanding of a broad range of subjects both academic and technical or vocational which best prepare students for success in their later academic or training careers.

Our curriculum time is planned to best provide depth and breadth in academic subjects like English, Maths, History and Geography, Science and Languages while at the same time providing meaningful opportunities for learning in arts, sports and technical subjects like Art, Drama, Dance and PE.

We also provide adequate curriculum curriculum time for education about religion, ethical and philosophical issues and personal, social, health and economic issues. 

Our traditional curriculum is substantially supported, especially in English, Maths, History, Science, Geography, Religious education and personal, social, health and economic learning by our scholarship curriculum.

In years 7 and 8 our traditional curriculum provides the following

Subject Curriculum time per week*
English 4 hours
Maths 4 hours
Science 4 hours
Languages** 4 hours
Geography 2 hours
History 2 hours
Religious education and PSHE*** 2 hours
Prep (see scholarship curriculum) 2 hours
Dance, Art, Drama or Design technology**** 2 hours
PE 2 hours

* Each '2 hour' lesson actually lasts 1 hour and 55 minutes and so '2 hours' above is actually 1 hour and 55 minutes and '4 hours' actually represents 3 hours and 50 minutes.

** Sudents can choose from Spanish, French, Latin or Mandarin

**** PSHE stands for personal, social, health and economic education

**** Students are exposed to these subjects on a term by term basis for 2 hours* per week during year 7 or 8 (or both) 

Choosing subjects for year 9

During the spring term of year 8 students will choose subjects for year 9.

Our draft year 9 traditional curriculum is as follows

Subject Curriculum time
Subjects that all students will study  
English 4 hours
Maths  4 hours
Science 4 hours
Languages** 4 hours
History or Geography 2 hours
PE 2 hours
Students complete their timetable by choosing from  
Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics, History (if not chosen above,) Geography (if not chosen above,) Product design, Food and nutrition, Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Computing, a second language**, Business Studies, ICT, theory of sports or physical activity, advanced Maths or further Science.  
Duty of care  
The academy has a duty of care to students and parents or carers in respect of choosing subjects and so will advise and encourage students to choose subjects which provide them with the best chance given the academic climate. In certain cases, the academy may exercise the right to refuse choices where in the opinion of quaified staff, the choice is likely to be detrimental to the student.