We are excited to have you with us!


CREATE A CAREERS LOGO COMPETITION. Design your own HARI careers logo that the careers team will use. The chosen WINNER will receive a voucher!! Any questions and entries see Miss Wright (PE)


*CAREERS WEEK* Monday 27th - 1st July 2022! Create a careers logo competition, careers briefings, careers fair, careers bingo and year 10 virtual work experience. Vouchers to be won! YEARS 7 - 12!


1 WEEK TO GO! We are only a week away from our first day of transition week!


Over the last few days 180 students have visited to conduct fieldwork as part of their studies in Geography


Thank you for a great game!


Final score: Riverside 13 - 12 Opposition District champions!!!


*Year 7 basketball team* 🏀 We are at half time in the borough final. Current score Riverside 7 - 4 Opposition It is a VERY close game!


3 WEEKS TO GO! We are looking forward to meeting our new Year 7 students on Monday 4th July for transition week!📚


What a day! Our students competed against other Harris schools in the regional athletics final today. We walked away with 33 medals across the board as well as coming overall joint 1st for Year 8 Boys and Year 9 girls 👏🏼 🏆 We could not be prouder of our representatives!


We have arrived at the Harris Federation Sports Day! Good luck to all of our students who are competing today🏆


Retweetd From Hayley Watson

Good luck to Bobbi and all from today at the Athletics competition 🏃‍♀️


It's so we've been out and about in our year 7 geography lessons this week collecting data to see the environmental quality of the academy 📝🌳


Harris Academy Riverside is feeling proud to be part of the Purfleet-on-Thames community, taking part in its largest gathering yesterday in 100years, and on a momentous day in history.


Our incredible students setting off to the Purfleet community flag parade!


Junior Basketball Final 🏀 Come on boys 💪🏻


We have joined the footballrebooted mission and are accepting donations of old football boots. If you have any old/unwanted football boots or astros please bring them in and drop them in the box found in the PE classroom.


The final result: 3-1 to our opposition. The team have worked incredibly hard this season and we are so proud of how far they have come! Today was not our day, but nevertheless a good game from both sides!


Opposition have scored taking the score to 1-1 ⚽️

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The pastoral curriculum

Our pastoral curriculum has two parts

  1. The curriculum contained in the behaviour policy which can be downloaded from our student welfare page, and
  2. The personal development curriculum which can be accessed using the link on the left side of this page


The part of the pastoral curriculum which relates to behaviour intends to help students learn about and practice self awareness. self regulation and self efficacy. At our academy we say that we control the environment while the students learn to control themselves. The details of the pastoral curriculum are contained in the behaviour policy but in summary; we want students to internalise the following;

Pastoral curriculum aims (behaviour)

Self-Regulation - 

students understand and can identify and articulate 

Self-Efficacy - 

students are able to 

the benefits of self-regulation 


the benefits of self-efficacy 


the benefits of reflection 

relate manifest behaviour to mood and environment 

the value of calm and order 

calm him or herself down 

the role of choice and personal responsibility in behaviour 

accept an internal locus of control 

the personal and third party consequences of specific behaviours 

 identify achievable and more favourable behaviours for the circumstances 

the importance of time and place 


the importance of protocols, social norms and role modelling 


the importance of habit and the value of developing positive habits 

identify the antecedents to his or her specific negative behaviours  

the power of cause and condition in influencing behaviour 


identify mechanisms to interrupt or mitigate the antecedents to his or her specific behaviours  


identify causes and conditions which may affect his or her own behaviours positively 

the degree to which current habits and behaviours are beneficial 

believe that negative habits can be overcome and that positive habits can be developed 

the value of doing the right thing; of compassion, empathy and kindness 

exercise personal strength in humility