We have joined the footballrebooted mission and are accepting donations of old football boots. If you have any old/unwanted football boots or astros please bring them in and drop them in the box found in the PE classroom.


The final result: 3-1 to our opposition. The team have worked incredibly hard this season and we are so proud of how far they have come! Today was not our day, but nevertheless a good game from both sides!


Opposition have scored taking the score to 1-1 ⚽️


Harry starts the game off strong with a 1-0 lead to Riverside!


It’s show time!


Warming up 🏃🏼‍♂️ ⚽️


Good luck to Mr Russell’s Year 8 football team representing Riverside at the Harris Federation Cup Final today⚽️🧡


Today our yr7s lost during extra time in the harris cup semi final. For the boys first season to reach this far already proves what a good group we have going forward. Unlucky boys, we are proud of you! ⚽️


Huge congratulations to one of our own representing Thurrock. Keep up the good work Harry 👊🏼👏🏼


We celebrated National Numeracy Day today! Staff were invited to dress up with ‘numbers’ and Food Tech baked number cakes


Our 7/8 girls had a great day out at the Essex Girls Cricket Chance to Compete tournament 🏏


Huge congratulations to our Year 7 netball team who came 2nd 🥈 in the Harris Federation Netball Rally at Crystal Palace! Well done girls 👏🏼🥈


To round off the medals from todays athletics … Well done to Oscar for coming 2nd in the 300M final 🥈 Well done to Gabriella for coming 3rd in 100m hurdles🥉 Well done to O’Zion for finishing 2nd in High Jump🥈 Proud of all competitors! 👏🏼


3rd place Hurdles 🥉 👏🏼


1st place discus 🏅👏🏼


Our first medal of the day 👏🏼 3rd place in High Jump at Districts Athletics🏃🏼‍♀️


Riverside win the league finishing 5-1 to us! 🏆


OUR YEAR 8 FOOTBALL TEAM HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! We have won the league! 🏆 Our Year 8 football team have worked incredibly hard this season and we are extremely proud of you all! 👏🏼


Our Year 8 boys are currently 3-0 up at HT in their last league game of the season. Top of table clash 🏆 Keep going boys!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Academy response to the issue of sexual harassment

In June 2021, OFSTED published its shocking research on the extent of sexual harassment of children in the community and online.

The academy has a sex and relationships policy which has been the subject of consultation with staff, parents and carers and a detailed, robust, age appropriate and thorough sex and relationships curriculum which educates our students about these issues.

Our strategy to combat the risk of sexual harassment in or around the academy is as follows;

1. Defining. highlighting and discouraging at a very early age the low level behaviours and habits which could promote the sort of unhealthy environment in which the conditions for sexual harrassment could grow; for example, including as unacceptable behaviour in our behaviour policy the use of slang words for body parts or the promotion of careless gossip about other students and their relationships.

2. Maintaining rigorous and robust supervision of our environment, including; all parts of the academy, both inside and out by physical supervision and CCTV; the virtual environment in the academy and on its network via sophisticated and robust filtering and electronic surveillance and the virtual environment as represented on students' 'phones by strict useage rules and the right for our pastoral staff to check 'phones with parental permission. 

3. Training our staff and our students in the prevalence and nature of sexual harassment

4. Informing and liasing frankly and candidly with parents and carers about issues even where this is embarrassing or challenging

5. Applying our existing equality, psychological, counselling, safeguardng, anti-bullying, behaviour and pastoral procedures robustly to any cases of sexual harrassment