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Happy International Women's Day! Special thanks to Ms Harris and Mrs Tyson for the kind staff gift this morning.



Student briefings this week have been about kindness


Year 11s have paused during their heavy mock season and taken time to show their gratitude to staff who are going above and beyond.


REMINDER: It is Christmas jumper day tomorrow!


Some of our members of staff supporting children in need.





Odd sock day at HARI This is a national event marking the start of Anti-Bullying week. This event celebrates our differences and what makes us unique!


Lest we forgetOur Riverside cadets laid wreaths to commemorate all who lost their lives whilst fighting for freedom



Year 11 mock season begins; good luck!





All set up and ready to go for an English Walking Talking Mock with some AQA Examiners today.


Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on their results. Further details here:


Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on their results. Further details here:


That’s our Head Girl! Maria is going to University College London to study Statistics, Economics and Finance! 💶 Congratulations Maria from everyone at HARI ! 👌

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are a Harris Academy student and you are interested in takng part in a Duke of Edinburgh award, please register your interest here.

Harris Academy Riverside is currently supporting and sponsoring with an external provider more than 165 Harris Academy Riverside students towards either Silver or Bronze Awards. During the academic year 2020/2021, despite COVID restrictions, 15 students across various year groups including sixth form achieved their bronze award and 10 achieved silver. 

The academy funds for every student who expresses an interest the first three sections of the award; the physical, skills and volunteering sections. Parents and carers then have the option to fund the expedition section which completes the award. In this way, the academy opens the door to new opportunities for all students from all backgrounds, allowing students to experience and achieve new things and develop their confidence and social skills. In certain cases, where students are particularly committed but funds are scarce, the academy may fund or part fund the expedition section.

The academy will begin to recruit for Duke of Edinburgh in January 2022 with a focus on students in years 9 and 12.

To research about the Duke of Edinburgh Award go here.

If you are a Harris Academy student and you are interested in takng part in a Duke of Edinburgh award, please register your interest here.

DofE gives students opportunities to experience and explore outdoor places that are on their door steps. Students will learn life skills, how to survive in the outdoors, how to map-read and how to work in a team in order to successfully complete challenges. They will learn how to cook basic meals, keeping themselves safe and healthy in the outdoors. 

In order to complete the award our students will also have to undertake a series of challenges. They are asked to complete three sections in a set period of time. The three sections are Physical, Skill and Volunteering. 

The physical section requires students to take part in an extra-curricular sporting club whether that be in or outside of the academy. This could be anything from joining a Rugby club to doing work-outs from home.

The skill section requires students to learn a new skill. This could be anything from learning how to do calligraphy to learning a new language. 

The volunteering section requires students to volunteer their services in order to support others. This could be something as easy as helping with Year 7 prep club to volunteering for an animal shelter or joining the 'Inspire your Community' or 'Young Enterprise' club at the academy.

Once students have completed these sections in the time period chosen, they will be invited to complete their award by embarking on the expedition section of the process. Students will need to complete a practice expedition and an assessed expedition on two separate weekends. 

To find out more about DofE at Harris Academy Riverside, please email and direct your question to Miss McLoughlin or Miss Day (DofE Co-ordinators).