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Great to see moving forward. has a very exciting future!


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What a great day at the Roman baths with exemplary Harris Chafford and Riverside students.


Come and join our journey. We are looking for an addition to our pastoral team. See ‘vacancies’ on the website.


We are back to normal! Thanks for everyone's patience and support during the bad weather and with our network! Our students are now - as we tweet - going great guns in their exams!


We are closed today due to ice on our approach roads and paved areas


Due to a build up of ice on the approaches to the Academy building we have reluctantly decided to close on Friday 2nd March for our students’ safety - thanks to our amazing parents, students and staff for a really productive day today.#inspireyourcommunity


We are open today although our car park is shut - please use Harris Chafford Hundred car park.


Harris Academy Riverside intends to be open as usual tomorrow. We will tweet and publish on website in the unlikely event that anything changes


The Academy is closed today due to the snow - please check the website for tomorrow


Our building work has started! Looking forward to a great future in a great community.#inspireyourcommunity


There is still time to apply to join us and help inspire our great students on their journey - talent, fizz and energy.


Work has officially started on our brand new building - ready for September 2019.


Be a part of our exciting future. Join our team. Join our fantastic students. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for a Maths teacher to help shape our future. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for teachers for September 2018!


Currently Harris Academy Riverside is open tomorrow as usual. However due to the weather football training at 7.30 AM is cancelled .


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regeneration to begin


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PCRL are proud to announce Swan Housing Group as our new joint venture partners


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Fantastic news for Purfleet!


Disadvantaged students at Harris nearly a grade higher than national average (P8 0.84 better)

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

The Governing Body

Sponsor: Lord Harris of Peckham

I believe that a good education is the most important start in life we can give young people and our intention is that when all students leave, they will be well prepared to succeed in the world - in whatever walk of life they choose.

The Role of Governors

Within England, there are over 300,000 School/Academy Governors, who form the largest volunteer force in the country.

The roles of individual Governors, and subsequently members of a Governing Body, work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions such as:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy.
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Set the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards it’s set aims and objectives.

Finally the role of role of the Academy Governor is to be a source of challenge and support to the Principal, i.e. a 'critical friend.'


The Governing Body of Harris Academy Riverside

The Academy is a member of the Harris Federation. Ultimate responsibility for the Academy rests with the Board of Trustees of the Federation, (Federation governance details and scheme of delegation can be found here), but much of the work of the Board is delegated to the Local Governing Body which is comprised of the Governors of the Academy. Some Governors are appointed by the Federation whilst others are elected by parents or guardians of students at the Academy or by staff. The details of the Governors at Harris Academy Riverside are shown below.


The Chair of the Academy Governing Body at Harris Academy Riverside is Mr Tim Moore
The Clerk to the Governing Body is XXXXXXXXXX who can be contacted on XXXXXXXXXXX


Governing Body


Date of Appointment

Term of  Office 

Appointed as 

 Business and
Pecuniary Interests

Links/ Areas of Interest

Meetings attended 2016-17

Mr Tim Moore


4 Years

Sponsor Governor; Chair of Governors

Director of Design Consultant company (Freely Creative Ltd.)

Equality Governor


Ms Nicola Graham 04/07/17 Ex-Officio Executive Principal None   N/A
Mr Andrew Betts 04/07/17 Ex-Officio Head of Academy Wife is Natalie Betts (Staff member at Harris Academy Chafford Hundred)   N/A
Sir Daniel Moynihan 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor CEO of Harris Federation   N/A
Ms Carolyn English 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor Director of Secondary Education at Harris Federation; Sister and nephew work at Harris Federation   N/A
Mr Robert Freeman 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor None   N/A
Ms Sheena Johnson 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor None   N/A
Ms Angela Parker 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor Tim Moore is husband of childminder   N/A
Mr Mo James 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor SENDIAS Manager of Parent Advisory Team Thurrock (PATT); Vice-Chairman of Carer/Parent Participation Forum Special Needs Governor N/A
Ms Temi Fawehinmi 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor tbc   N/A
Ms Cheryl Sidaway 04/07/17 4 Years Sponsor Governor tbc Child Protection Governor N/A