Our virtual open evening is now live!!


Our virtual open evening goes live soon!


Our virtual open evening is tomorrow! Unfortunately we are not running a face to face open evening.


The drama begins!


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Planning the end points for my new team. So excited to see the impact we can make. Watch this space!! Some big plans


Around 175 students day one of summer school today - good day !


Calm before the storm - ready for new year 7 summer school


Congratulations on NPQH!


Compare yourself to the best they say! Harris Academy Riverside students achieved the highest average A Level grades in The Harris Federation! Students at Cambridge, St Andrew’s, King’s, Queen Mary’s and many other prestigious universities. We start again - watch this space.


Off to York to do Economics!


Getting ready for summer school? here!


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A huge well done to Kacia Matthieu for achieving A* A* A* The best results ever in our school's history! We wish her every success studying Sociology at Loughborough University


Looking forward to our year 12 enrolment tomorrow! Good luck to all of our local students tomorrow, Harris and non Harris! Go here if you are interested in our 6th form.


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It’s A*A*A* who is heading off to Harvard University on a full scholarship. We are super proud of Kenny and wish him good success at Harvard!


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Chloe from had high aspirations when getting her A level grades today. No-one in her family had been to university and she dreamed of being a doctor. We followed Chloe opening her results and telling her mum.


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So proud of our A level students getting fantastic results. Also very excited that we have a student going to to study medicine. We really appreciate all our links with


Check out the amazing grades of our year 13 students and get inspired by the destinations and subjects they have chosen: what and where they will study and where they will live


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A huge well done to our post 16 students for another superb set of results this year. Our students secured incredibly exciting university places, including to study Veterinary Nursing, Law and Pharmacology, with 25% of offers from Russell Group universities

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What is vision and what is culture?

"Vision gives us the feeling for details; it tells us what the details should be; and in turn the details support the vision - like key stones."

Below you can find the entire contents of the 'Vision and culture' section from The Orange Book

The pdf version is downloadable from the bottom of this page

What is vision and what is culture?

Our vision is what we see - for our students. People think of vision as something in the future; something to aim for, but vision should not be considered something for the future only. The powerful part of our vision is what it tells us to do right now; how it makes us feel right now about what we see and what we experience. If we have a clear vision we can feel that what we do now is sometimes not right; it doesn’t feel right. It’s an intangible tangible; like Christmas, or love or personal space. If someone stands too close it is tangible but nobody defines their personal space as 18 inches, for example, or two feet; and yet we know tangibly that it feels wrong and we move, almost automatically because the intangible is tangible enough to make us react.

Similarly if our vision is tangible it makes us feel its presence day to day; in every academy moment. It directs our decision making and our reactions; it guides us, warns us, nags us and pokes us. If we believe in the vision we don’t need to consider much; our instinct aligns with the vision; our perceptions fall into step like ducks in a row. If we don’t believe in the vision or we cannot see it, every decision is a conscious one; we mix pragmatism randomly with ideals according to the demands of the day; we become transactional. We say things like ‘it would be easier’ and ‘that’s what we used to do at my old school.’ We drift and we create misalignment which is tough to correct.

Leaders who don’t see the vision and don’t believe the vision, don’t feel the vision. They are the people who stand too close and whom we constantly correct; the ones whose decisions we check, letters we edit, plans we insist on seeing. They cannot grow because the climate is not theirs. They need to adjust to the climate.

Leaders who feel the vision attract trust and autonomy; and grow instinctively, even influence the vision in their image.

How do we define vision?

The vision is often difficult to define without the anecdotes which reveal it. When vision is understood and is backed by culture, it is difficult to see from the inside because it is what we do every day. And what we do every day becomes habit and habit becomes imperceptible. We put our car keys down in the same place everyday but probably can’t say where that is until we do it again.

Vision is an intangible tangible; like ‘Christmas.’

‘Christmas’ is tangible for most of us; it starts around the end of November and ends around the end of December. We experience it fully but we cannot describe with any conviction what it is for us. We need the details. If our partner says, ‘I won’t get a tree this Christmas; the tree is dead by the 24th, ’ we say ‘But it’s not Christmas without a tree!’ We think that without a tree, Christmas would be ruined forever. The tree is not Christmas; but it is one of the tangible details which hints at and supports the intangible tangible power of Christmas.

Similarly if vision is there; it shows in details. We feel the details. Vision gives us the feeling for details; it tells us what the details should be; and - in turn - the details support the vision like key stones.

What is culture?

The vision dictates the culture. Culture is the accumulation of daily details. It is what we do when nobody is watching. Culture is what we do every day. If the culture does not support the vision, the vision is useless. The more the culture matches the vision, the more the vision becomes a reality; because culture gives substance to vision.

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