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As stated earlier, school services to and from will still run along London Road, but no other 44's will. Please ensure your children get on the buses in the school as the station stop will NOT be served.


Great results from the Riverside Rapids tonight! Triple win tonight, with the Year 7 girls first netball game. Year 10 football team are onto the next round of the Harris Cup and the Junior basketball team take the win on home turf. Well done to all involved 👏


Year 11 Virtual Parents Evening is happening tonight 4pm-7pm Please ensure you have booked your appointments with your child's teachers 🗓


Please ensure you have informed us of your consent via the MS form. You will find the link has been sent from


*MASKS* Unless exempt, anyone attending should wear a mask inside the testing centre.


Please attend the academy on the correct day and time slot. If more than one of your children attend the academy and are in different year groups you are welcome to bring them together.


Happy New Year 🎇 We are looking forward to welcoming back our students on Thursday 6th January. Prior to this, we are inviting all students to come to the building on their designated day to take a lateral flow test on-site at the academy. Please see thread for more info


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Wow! What an amazing opportunity! Go Chelsea!


Miss Solley’s football girls are at Wembley Stadium today watching ⚽️


Every wednesday our sixth formers get together and take part in a range of recreational activities!


Our students have been busy cooking up a storm in cooking club last week 🧑‍🍳⏲🍰🍕


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Don't forget our Christmas Light turn on from 4pm on next to the Children's centre tomorrow. Complementary sausage rolls, mince pies and mulled wine. Bring money for hot dogs etc. Carols - a time of festive cheer!


Our Year 12 students performed very well in the Senior Maths Challenge💡 Out of 40 students who participated we were awarded with 16 Bronze and 3 Silver Certificates🤩 This happens to be one of the toughest maths competitions we have out there. Well done to all involved👏


Mr Russell and Mr Balogun's Year 8 team are at it again. Well done to the Year 8 football team for fighting back from 2-0 down, to finish with a 6-4 win. Making it through to the next round of the Harris cup👏


On Wednesday, our SEN team and PE dept combined forces for an amazing trip to lakeside. "I think this is going to be my best day ever, I had so much fun" 🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️ Thank you to the wonderful Rock Up team for making it an amazing experience 👏


On Tuesday, our Year 8 students went to see the The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre🦁 🎭🎶


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Sat near a group of students from the Harris Academy Riverside at a performance of The Lion King last night. They were great! Enthused, bouncy, well-behaved, accompanied by committed and caring staff. We were very impressed by them all.


Thank you for your kinds words. This is amazing to hear! 👏🏼


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A little Hooke's law today

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















Watch the powerpoint below and read the documents

Rationale for prep

Students read prep in advance of the lesson; they do this for a number of reasons such as;

Pedagogical reasons; students will learn better if they have an established schema by which to address new information; a frame of reference by which to consider it. Prep reading provides much of the core or hinterland knowledge in advance so that students can better understand it when it is referred to in class. Provided teachers plan suitable AfL, scaffolding and consolidation into lessons, the level of lesson challenge afforded by successful prep should be higher and therefore progress more rapid.

Access reasons; to level the playing field for disadvantaged students or first generation students who have not enjoyed the advantages of parental or adult discussion about the sort of powerful knowledge which should be included in the curriculum; for example some students will have visited Norman castles with their parents or have been told the story of Harold being shot in the eye at The Battle of Hastings; this provides a frame of reference which puts these students at an advantage before the lesson even starts. However, disadvantaged students may never have seen a castle; first generation British students are likely to have parents educated in other countries and who therefore do not know the story of The Battle of Hastings. This holds true of content, context and vocabulary. Prep levels the playing field in these respects.

Accountability reasons; the degree to which students have worked successfully on their prep is measured by prep quizzes and reported to parents; prep scores are also used daily to identify students who either cannot access, cannot do or have not attempted their prep.

Scholarship reasons; to practise the skill of reading, increase reading age, overcome resistance to reading, learn to disseminate information from articles and to practise independent study, organisation, self awareness and self regulation

Scaffold reasons; if prep provides – in advance- 6 weeks’ worth of access knowledge, vocabulary, schemata and the opportunity to prepare then it is easy to see how it can be used for scaffolding for SEND students