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In such an uncertain time let’s celebrate our heroes and unite together | We are a Kingdom United |


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Wow where do I start with this wonderful lady!? She is positivity in bodily form. Amazing attention to detail whilst cleaning our academy building everyday! Her constant smile would make YOU smile. Thank you so much Ellie!


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Absolutely amazing example of Humanity and Integrity! She never stops smiling and always ready to help! Well done Ms Bruce!


Although our school colour is orange🧡 there is one person who’s smile shines bright throughout the academy, especially through this tough period! Ms Bruce is our amazing school cleaner. Today our students presented her with a signed card & 💐 to show our appreciation!


Mrs Christie delivered a safeguarding briefing to students yesterday, encouraging all students to stay safe during these uncertain times. Do not hesitate to contact the academy if you need any support regarding your child's learning during this period.


All student work packs and prep packs are available on our Academy's website. Students left school yesterday with all resources they'll need to continue learning during this time. If your child was absent please contact us to arrange collection of their pack.


✅Remember: If you are a "Key Critical Worker" and you want your child to attend school next week, don't forget to email your proof of key worker status to


We want to thank our resilient staff & parents through what has been a turbulent week on a global level. Parents, your encouragement via emails, phone calls & support re: our decisions, has given us such a huge lift! We look forward to welcoming back our students 🌊


The academy will close temporarily tomorrow on government advice. Today, students have left with an official letter from the Principal. Parents/Carers, please check your email and ensure your child attends tomorrow if possible. We will be giving out work packs and further info.


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Sometimes I dont think I appreciate my students enough! This is 2mins after lunch time today. The Playground is left in pristine condition everyday! Thats students choosing to use the bins, self regulating habitually. Harris Academy Riverside🧡#HomeOfTheRAPIDS 🌊


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Humbled this week. Such dedication and enthusiasm from staff and students. congratulations to u and , especially sports ambassadors!


Congrats to our Yr7 netball team who won in the ☀️ looking great in your new kits 🙌


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And to finish the week... Staff vs Sixth Form netball. Obviously staff came out as the winners🏅


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This is class. Great to see students so enthusiastic and excited about doing something for a great cause. Good on you all! Well done👍👍


Harris Riverside students contributing their money and zumba skills for sports relief. Lets just say things escalated quickly 😅💃🕺


Our Riverside students enjoying themselves with 🎾😁


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So amazing to see how committed our Sports Ambassadors have been this week. Even staying after school on a Friday to prep for week next week🏃🏼‍♂️👏🏼


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🤗 Honestly...not gonna lie...these kids make me love what I do! It's all about building relationships! Thanks Mr Balogun!


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Students are huge lovers of science lessons! Year 9s have told me they love her occasional styled facts whilst she’s teaching 🤓


Sixth formers taking a closer look at the lungs of a Sheep during their Science lesson with 🥼🩸🥽

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














The Academy Year 2020/2021

Below are the dates of the academy year 2020/2021


Autumn Term - first half term

Our staff return to the academy on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 for an INSET day.

The students will return to the academy for the new academic year as follows:

  • For Year 7 and Year 12 the first day is Thursday 3rd September 2020
  • For Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 the first day back is Friday 4th September 2020

Our staff have an INSET day on Friday 2nd October 2020.

The first Autumn half term ends on Friday 16th October 2020.  We have two-week holiday starting Monday 19th October to Friday 30th October.


Autumn Term - second half term

Students return to the academy for the second Autumn half term on Monday 2nd November 2020.

The second Autumn half term ends on Friday 18th December 2020.  We have two-week Christmas holiday from Monday 21st December 2020 to Friday 1st January 2021.


Spring Term - first half term

Our staff have an INSET day on Monday 4th January 2021.

The first Spring half term starts on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

The first Spring half term ends on Thursday 11th February 2021.  We have one-week Spring half term holiday from Monday 15th to Friday 19th February 2021.

Our staff have an INSET day on Friday 12th February 2021.


Spring Term - second half term

The second Spring half term starts on Monday 22nd February 2021.

The second Spring half term ends on Wednesday 31st March 2021.  We have two-week Easter holiday from Thursday 1st April to Friday 16th April 2021.


Summer Term - first half term

The first Summer half term starts on Monday 19th April 2021.

Monday 3rd May 2021 is a Bank Holiday.

The first Summer half term ends on Friday 28th May 2021.  We have one-week Summer half term holiday from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021.


Summer Term - second half term

The second Summer half term starts on Monday 7th June 2021.

Our staff have an INSET day on Monday 5th July 2021.

The end of the 2020/2021 academic year is Friday 23rd July 2021.