Great impact are having on our students 🙌👊


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Sat down to write a reflection for my second placement. First thing that came to my mind is how honoured I feel working with and his pastoral team in . His vision and work in behaviour management will change young people's lives!


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This term the boys have been learning Netball in their PE lessons. Today... Year 9 Girls v Boys happened.. happy to say the girls won! Outstanding work rate from all though👏🏼


Sports Update 📢 Our Yr7 boys football team won 4-0 today with everyone putting in a great shift! Well done boys 👏⚽️ 🌊


Sports Update 📢 Well done to our Yr 7 boys basketball team who won 29 - 2 against 🏀 🌊


Sports Update 📢 Huge well done to a mixed team of year 8/9s! A 26-24 overtime win over 🏀 Well done boys 👏


Well done Josh, great effort from all staff 👏


That's what we like to hear 👏


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Great to visit to look at the curriculum and see Y7 programming in . Excellent students and attitude!


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Well done Ryell 🙌 Your speech was incredibly inspiring. I told everyone I know about it after the opening ceremony. I can’t wait to see how you, other Riverside students and the rest of your generation, change the world for the better.


Very proud of our year 8 student leader 👏😁


Great work shown from our staff Thursday Circuits 💪


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What a magnificent Chinese New Year across , truly inspiring cultural immersion for more than 3000 pupils across 15 academies! 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year!


Sports News 📢 Our Yr7/Yr8 girls football team played their first competitive game today. Despite losing to the girls should be extremely proud of themselves. Well done girls.. big 👏 for everyone involved ⚽️🌊


Top work staff 💪


SPORTS UPDATE 📢 Big well done to our Yr7 netball team 👏🏐 They represented our school for the first time and put in a great shift. Despite the loss could not fault the girls attitude and commitment who was singing all the way back home 😁👍


SPORTS UPDATE 📢 RIVERSIDE YR9 BOYS 6 GATEWAY ACADEMY 2 Well done to the boys, winning their first game of 2020 😁👍 🌊


Top work 💪


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We took inspiration from the strong colours of uniform to articulate particular aspects of the of their £23M new academy building.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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How do we plan our curriculum?

All our subject curricula at Harris Academy Riverside are planned with 4 principles in mind;

First; that students should grow a passion and curiosity for the subject. Our planning model challenges teachers to choose the most powerful and inspiring content, engaging teaching methods and a variety of immersive activities, experiences and environments in order to switch students on and provide stimulus at every turn.

Secondly; that subject curricula comply with national expectations including the National Curriculum in years 7,8 and 9, the local SACRE guidelines in Religious Education, the guidance of The PSHE Association and relevant specifications for subjects as published by national examining boards.

Thirdly; that subject curricula prepare students for the next stage of their educational or lifelong career by ensuring that relevant content and skills are covered to prepare students for examinations where relevant and for further education and careeers.

Fnally, that subject curricula support and are supported by scholarship attributes such as reading, the practice of recall, appropriate writing skills.

In planning which content is taught and in which order, our teachers select core knowledge and sequence it carefully so that students improve in each subject by knowing and remembering progressively more about it. Earlier topics in each subject form the basis of learning for later topics. Such sequencing is important within subjects but also between subjects so that students benefit from building complementary knowledge across subjects.

Teachers ensure that end points or 'steppiing stones' are defined whch coincide with core knowledge and time is allocated in the curriculum for assessing, revisiting,  and consolidating these end points such that students remember core knowledge securely for the long term.