Ready for our HARI recruitment event


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Great to see moving forward. has a very exciting future!


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What a great day at the Roman baths with exemplary Harris Chafford and Riverside students.


Come and join our journey. We are looking for an addition to our pastoral team. See ‘vacancies’ on the website.


We are back to normal! Thanks for everyone's patience and support during the bad weather and with our network! Our students are now - as we tweet - going great guns in their exams!


We are closed today due to ice on our approach roads and paved areas


Due to a build up of ice on the approaches to the Academy building we have reluctantly decided to close on Friday 2nd March for our students’ safety - thanks to our amazing parents, students and staff for a really productive day today.#inspireyourcommunity


We are open today although our car park is shut - please use Harris Chafford Hundred car park.


Harris Academy Riverside intends to be open as usual tomorrow. We will tweet and publish on website in the unlikely event that anything changes


The Academy is closed today due to the snow - please check the website for tomorrow


Our building work has started! Looking forward to a great future in a great community.#inspireyourcommunity


There is still time to apply to join us and help inspire our great students on their journey - talent, fizz and energy.


Work has officially started on our brand new building - ready for September 2019.


Be a part of our exciting future. Join our team. Join our fantastic students. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for a Maths teacher to help shape our future. Go to vacancies.


We are looking for teachers for September 2018!


Currently Harris Academy Riverside is open tomorrow as usual. However due to the weather football training at 7.30 AM is cancelled .


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regeneration to begin


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PCRL are proud to announce Swan Housing Group as our new joint venture partners


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Fantastic news for Purfleet!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The work of the student leadership team

The student leadership team are currently reviewing the quality of lessons. The team  designed and wrote the following criteria by which to assess the quality of lessons. After a few weeks, the team will give their assessments of the quality of lessons and make recommendations for improvement.


The lesson should be well planned and well organized so that it is clear what the point of the lesson is. There should be no wasted time and lessons should fit the time provided. Papers and power points should be ready so the children don’t procrastinate. We should be busy learning all the way through. The teacher should also make sure the lesson links with the previous lesson and that it is related to our prep.


The teacher should be able to explain difficult things and make sure that everyone understands. We children should feel comfortable to ask questions and make sure we understand everything. The teacher should know what they are talking about in the subject and our lessons should give us the information that we require to improve our “do now.” The teacher should use different methods to teach us, such as: videos, role play, discussions or other things that really help.


The teacher should ensure that we have a suitable amount of time to complete tasks and do what is expected, but not too much time so that students get bored or irritated. The teacher should also make sure that if we are fully engaged in a topic that there is time to discuss it, but also that no time is wasted by anyone. The teacher should also ensure that what we are expected to do is varied so that we do not end up writing for the whole lesson or talking for the whole lesson. A variety is best.


The teacher should make sure that the work is challenging, but not impossible. The teacher shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of a student when they are concentrating and engaged in a lesson. We need to feel like we have learnt something in the lesson that we didn’t know before. Some students may comprehend things quicker than others, but everyone needs to feel like the lesson has been valuable for them but not too difficult. The teacher should make sure we don’t forget essential things we did in the past but also that we don’t repeat things that we already know. Moreover, we shouldn’t play games during lesson as they aren’t useful, despite if they are fun.


The teacher should make sure that we know what is expected. We want to learn without being distracted by students being impolite and messing around. On the other hand, we should be told if we should work in silence, rather than being punished when we weren’t told what was expected. This means that we need to be told when we can or cannot talk about the work. We want the teacher to be precise on what we should do and not say one thing but do another or let students get away with things they have been asked not to do. The teacher should stick with our routines and rules (like sitting in our designated seats) because the lesson functions better when everyone does this all the time. We want calm starts to the lesson, when students are silent for the first part of the lesson. The teachers shouldn’t allow bad behaviour until they lose their temper and then suddenly tell random students off.


We want the teacher to care and motivate us. We don’t want teachers to be distracted or spend too much time at their desks. They should be engaging and interactive with the students. Teachers should not be disrespectful towards students, because it may lower a student’s self-esteem or cause them to be upset – this shows that they don’t care. Teachers should be in charge by being strict but fair. However, they should not be dismissive or insulting to students. We don’t want teachers to let us get away when we do bad things and try to be our friend; we want them to teach us so that we are successful in life and in our exams. This shows that they care. We want to be told if our work isn’t good enough but also be told when we do right. We want teachers to listen to us but also let us know that they are in charge.