REMINDER: It is Christmas jumper day tomorrow!


Some of our members of staff supporting children in need.





Odd sock day at HARI This is a national event marking the start of Anti-Bullying week. This event celebrates our differences and what makes us unique!


Lest we forgetOur Riverside cadets laid wreaths to commemorate all who lost their lives whilst fighting for freedom



Year 11 mock season begins; good luck!





All set up and ready to go for an English Walking Talking Mock with some AQA Examiners today.


Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on their results. Further details here:


That’s our Head Girl! Maria is going to University College London to study Statistics, Economics and Finance! 💶 Congratulations Maria from everyone at HARI ! 👌


Gap year for Bernardas 🥳 But those results will open a lot of doors when he’s ready! Congratulations from everyone at HARI!


Aariz has won a place to read Medicine at the University of York! He was also our head boy! Good Luck Aariz - not that you’ll need luck! Congratulations 🎉 -level


Congratulations to all our Year 13 students collecting their A Level results today!


Competition for places is tough - Chantelle has won a place at Kings College - University of London to study Medicine!


Segun is off to Oxford University to study Computing and Maths - and yes that is 4A*! Fantastic results! 🎉

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office


















Please only use this page if you have been asked by our HR department to do so.

Since any adult working in an educational environment will be working with children, the academy follows the most rigorous pre-employment checks to satisfy our 'safer recruitment' amd safeguarding duties. These checks take time and we need to make sure that each prospective member of staff has provided us from an early stage with the information and evidence we need to be able to carry out the checks and receive the relevant confirmations in good time. Prospective staff members cannot start at the academy until checks are complete. 

To carry out our checks we need to see some original documents. Please note that we cannot accept scans, photocopies, photos or printouts from the internet. This means online bank statements or online utiility bills are no use. We can use an online bank statement which has been printed provided the bank has stamped it to show it is authentic. We cannot accept mobile telephone bills. The original documents we need are as follows

Three out of the following four; 

  • Current passport
  • Current photocard driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank, Building Society or Credit card statement dated within the last three months.
  • Utility bill dated within the last three months.

Plus; if you have ever had a different name;

  • Marriage certificate if you have married and changed your name or
  • Legal evidence if you have changed your name, for example by deed poll.

Plus; Proof of national insurance number - usually the NI card or a P45 or P60.

Plus, if you are a teacher or leader or applying for such a role;

  • your degree certificate(s)
  • your QTS certificate if you have QTS
  • your induction certificate if you have passed your induction year

Plus, for any role, proof of qualifications if you are relying on such qualifications to secure the role.

Please therefore complete, sign and bring in to us, the above evidence and the following documents as soon as possible.



Every prospective employee has to have an application form. If you have not already completed one, please use one of these forms; please note that there are three different forms and you must complete the right one;

  • Please note that if you have any breaks in your employment, we will need an explanation of the breaks or we cannot process your application.
  • Please make sure that you give us two referees. These must be professionals and one must be your last employer. References are typically the slowest check we have to do and can hold up employmnt; please contact your referees and ask them to respond quickly when we ask for a reference. You can ask that we do not contact referees until you tell us to but you should be aware that this may significantly delay employment. 

Teacher application


Non-teaching application

Criminal convictions disclosure Please complete this form and bring it to your interview in a sealed envelope and hand it to your interviewer. Criminal convictions disclosure
DBS update service - consent If you are on the update service, we will need your consent to check your status. If you are on the update service, please complete the form. If you are not sure whether you are on the update service, please complete this form and the 'Information required to conduict a DBS check' form. DBS update consent
Information required to conduct a DBS check If you are not on the update service, please complete this form. If you are unsure whether you are on the update service, please complete both this form and the 'DBS update service - consent' form. Information for DBS
Barred List form In some cases, we need to perform a barred list check. We will need this ofrm completed to allow us to do that. Barred List
Personal details  Please complete this form even though some of the information is duplicated on other forms. Personal details
Equality and Diversity Monitoring Please note that you are able to select 'prefer not to say' for many of the questions on this form if you would prefer. Equality and diversity
Photography consent Should you jon the academy, we will need to prepare an Identity card which shows your photograph.We will take the photograph but we need consenr to do so. Photo consent
HMRC starter checklist We need this form to calculate your pay properly. If we employ you and we dont have this form you are very likely to pay too much tax. HMRC
BACS form Should we employ you, we will need this form to pay you! BACS