When it 🌧 it pours! Our STEM heroine & founder of the HARI Physics Society: Aimee has been offered a coveted place to study Physics at 3 Russell group universities: Imperial College London Kings College London Queen Mary university We're so proud of you Aimee!!! 👏


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Our HARI 6th form Ethos Leader won a scholarship on the Beyond Wealth Scholarship Programme providing work experience in the field of medicine and a medical doctor as a personal mentor; the panel were impressed by his self motivation and academic resilience!


We are so proud of our head boy for being offered a place at the prestigious University of Nottingham! Rory sees the veterinary profession as a calling & has worked tirelessly since he was 15 to make it happen. He is an inspiration to all at HARI. Well done Rory!


A standing ovation to our heroic staff! Our very own Covid testing team. They've organised and monitored staff and student testing with the spirit of excellence since our return from Christmas - Thank you! 👏


Have you seen our Student competition promo video 👇? Students have the chance to win a brand new 5!!! Our wonderful staff have been awarding HARI points for outstanding contribution to online lessons! Keep going students! 👏


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Year 1 and a bit in the bag ✔️ Incredible students, incredible staff ✔️ Excited at what’s to come as we carry on creating great things for our people and community


Well done Miss Solley - what a great teacher


Read A recent statement by The Principal on racism


Delivering 500 prep packs and exercise books to students - thanks Miss Solley Miss Cookson and Miss Richardson - worth the new dent in the bus!


Wishing a happy Eid to all staff, students and families of our academy community


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Limiting class sizes, keeping children in small, consistent groups and preventing mixing will allow more children to return to school in a phased way that reduces risk.


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The boss sets out how they're getting on with the job of preparing to receive more children


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Yesterday, we were joined by students from for an online Business & Finance workshop! The workshop included company insights from , and . Thanks to all of the amazing students who attended!


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I want to thank all the teachers, heads and support staff who are stepping up to this exceptional challenge. You are helping many children in many ways during a difficult time. Thank you from all of us at Ofsted.


Hi Shanon - all the academy


This current year 7


Thank you


Briefings today for year 7 at 11 AM or 1.30 PM on Microsoft Teams! Briefings today for year 8 at 11.30 AM or 2 PM. Briefings today for year 9 at 12 PM or 2.30 PM.


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This brilliant idea was originally from twitter. kindly sent me the resources she had and i’ve adapted them for our PE department. Really hope the kids like them! I can upload to if people would like a copy.


Looking forward to working with you - great interview

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Experience planner

Our trips co-ordinator is Miss S. Harris who may be contacted on or on 01375 802060.

On this page we will soon be listing for the consideration of students, parents and carers the trips we intend to provide. Some of these are in the planning stage and others have dates and approximate costs already. All trips are subject to confirmation by the Board of Governors and details may change.

Nearer the time, we will send an e-mail to all parent and carer addresses opening the trip waiting list and giving further details. At that time parents and carers are invited to reply expressing interest in holding a place on the trip. Parents and carers are advised to ensure that the academy has up to date e-mail contact details.

Please note that all trips have some educational or experiential purpose - for example the trip to Thorpe Park, while it incudes some time enjoying the rides in the park, is provided through a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme and therefore includes some time studying the science and mechanics of the rides.

Allocation of places on a trip

  • The general rule is that a place will be allocated on the trip on receipt of a parent or carer's e-mail requesting a place to be allocated - in other words on a first come first served basis based on expression of interest.
  • The academy will never allocate places on the basis of first come first served on the basis of payment of a deposit since we believe that this is a disadvantage to those parents who will want to work out budgets and cash flow before committing.
  • On occasion the academy may allocate a small number of places to students who have not had the chance to attend a previous trip or experience or who have won a place due to a reward or in the opinion of the Principal who would particularly benefit from a place
  • On occasion it may be necessary to allocate places to ensure representation of student groups; for example to ensure that there is an appropriate split of girls and boys where this is necessary to satisfy trip requirements or adequate supervision; occasionally external funding for trips depends upon representation of certain groups of students - for example the academy may receive external funding for a trip provided that a certain number of students study a certain subject.  

Please be advised that our students appear to be particularly enthusiastic about trips and experiences and so parents should not delay in expressing an interest when the academy opens the trip list. Parents are free to change their minds after requesting a place but before confirmation. After a trip place has been confirmed, the academy has to pay for the trip as a whole and therefore it may be difficult for the academy to repay parents and carers who withdraw a student after the confirmation date.

Please do not try to register your interest until the above e-mail invitation has been received.

Limited financial assistance may be available at the discretion of the Principal but parents and carers who think they may want to ask for financial assistance should not delay in e-mailing the academy to request a place.

Upcoming trips for which e-mails will be sent in the coming weeks and months will soon be listed in the table below. Please note that trips may be added or removed as details develop. Residential trips are highlighted in bold.

Please note that trips which are denoted 'day trip in academy time' may have early starts or late finishes.

Trip details approximate dates approximate cost*

 A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Globe Theatre

Year 7

Trip is now Full

Friday 4th October 2019 £45

UKSA-Isle of Wight

Year 8 and 9

Trip is now Full

Wednesday 9th October 2019-Sunday 13th October 2019 £330

Spain Sports Tour

Spaces available until Tuesday 1st October 2019

Trip is now Full


24th May-28th May 2020

£150 deposit due Tuesday 1st October 2019


Tate Modern

Links to studies in Art, Music and Drama.

Trip is now Full


5th December 2019 £20

Theatre Show:

Royal Ballet performance of the Nutcracker

Trip is now Full

12th December 2019 £46

Theatre Show:

The Woman in Black

Links to studies in English

Spring Term £40

Theatre Show:


Links to GCSE Drama

Summer Term £40

Theatre Show:

The Lion King

Summer Term £40


Languages Trip- Residential, five days four nights.

Year 8 and 9

Trip is now Full

October 2020

Second payment due 24th Jan 2020

Third payment due 31st March 2020

Final payment due 30th June 2020


Theatre Show:

Les Miserables

Links to English

30 spaces available

Deadline to apply- Thursday 13th Feburary 2020

11th March 2020

Mantinee Performance


Theatre Show:

Phantom of the Opera

30 spaces available

Deadline to apply- Thursday 13th Feburary 2020

19th March 2020

Matinee Performance



Links to studies in Mandarin.

Immersive Cultural Capitol experience

Year 8 and 9

Trip is on hold until further notice

October 2020 £1050

Theatre Show:

The Great Gatsby

Year 9 and 12

Links to studies in English


Summer Term 2020 £40

Theatre Show:

Come From Away

Links to studies in English

Summer Term 2020 £40

Theatre Show:

To Kill A Mockingbird

Links to studies in English


Summer Term 2020 £40

Sports and Life skills:


Year 7 and 8

3 day 2 night residential

Summer Term 2020 £160