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Year 1 and a bit in the bag ✔️ Incredible students, incredible staff ✔️ Excited at what’s to come as we carry on creating great things for our people and community


Well done Miss Solley - what a great teacher


Read A recent statement by The Principal on racism


Delivering 500 prep packs and exercise books to students - thanks Miss Solley Miss Cookson and Miss Richardson - worth the new dent in the bus!


Wishing a happy Eid to all staff, students and families of our academy community


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Limiting class sizes, keeping children in small, consistent groups and preventing mixing will allow more children to return to school in a phased way that reduces risk.


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The boss sets out how they're getting on with the job of preparing to receive more children


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Yesterday, we were joined by students from for an online Business & Finance workshop! The workshop included company insights from , and . Thanks to all of the amazing students who attended!


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I want to thank all the teachers, heads and support staff who are stepping up to this exceptional challenge. You are helping many children in many ways during a difficult time. Thank you from all of us at Ofsted.


Hi Shanon - all the academy


This current year 7


Thank you


Briefings today for year 7 at 11 AM or 1.30 PM on Microsoft Teams! Briefings today for year 8 at 11.30 AM or 2 PM. Briefings today for year 9 at 12 PM or 2.30 PM.


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This brilliant idea was originally from twitter. kindly sent me the resources she had and i’ve adapted them for our PE department. Really hope the kids like them! I can upload to if people would like a copy.


Looking forward to working with you - great interview


Protect our young people. More advice for HARI and local parents and carers


Our HARI 6th form Ethos Leader won a scholarship on the Beyond Wealth Scholarship Programme providing work experience in the field of medicine and a medical doctor as a personal mentor; the panel were impressed by his self motivation and academic resilience!


Hi Emma - we messaged you


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Exclusive: Gavin Williamson has promised he will 'work with the sector' to decide how schools should reopen, but only 'when the time is right'


What are our amazing students doing everyday? All the right things it seems! your community

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Students' academic progress

Students in the secondary academy - years 7 to 9.

During the period of lockdown the academy has provided students with independent work to be completed at home. Our students are in the habit of completing such work independently as part of our scholarship curriculum and so the work set is merely an extension of what students are used to.

The work has been provided online and via paper copies. Help and guidance has been provided by audio and video files.The academy also has a program of home contact to ensure that students are acessing the work set and special provisions have been mde for students with SEND or other needs.

The first tranche of work (pre-Easter) was given out to students on closure and the second tranche (post Easter) delivered by our staff direct to students' homes. Paper copies have been posted to a few students who live a long distance from the academy.

This work currently covers the period up to 22nd May 2020.

For key stage 3 students, this work can be found here 

The academy has also ensured that students continue their habits of reading and vocabulary building by providing access to and monitoring work done on the academy's Bedrock Learning platform.

Students can request assistance at any time by e mailing or by calling, messaging or using Whatsapp to contact the the student HARIHUB help line on 07738 831609.

Students in the sixth form

Lessons for all sixth sorm students will continue as normal.

Teachers will use the online platform, Microsoft Teams, to teach students, set and grade assignments and supply handouts. Lessons will follow students’ timetable as normal.

Full details can be found in the sixth form area here.